We believe investors are largely underserved by most Wall Street research. It is often conflicted and offers less than true insight into a business. We also believe that financial markets are inherently inefficient. Driven by these views, we aim to harness and communicate the truth to institutional investors about where they are putting their money. We do this through qualitative due diligence: a unique blend of first-hand interviews with sharp investigative journalism.

In our experience, investors often rely primarily on quantitative research — for instance, a company’s financial figures and projections. That is because objective, accurate qualitative research — such as in-depth knowledge about company management or trends at the field level — is often exceedingly difficult to obtain. Blue Heron provides the qualitative research necessary to make informed investment decisions.

For example, investors often overlook an important part of the equation, something we call “the character” of a company. Character includes culture and management behavior. By assessing this, we are able to offer deep insight into its financial health and uncover trends and inflection points that are not immediately evident. These qualitative insights give investors a much more thorough understanding of their investments, as if they were taking a stake directly in a company, not just a stock.

Our researchers are industry experts. They conduct independent due diligence in virtually all segments of the market, from financial services and media to technology and retail.

In addition, Blue Heron has extensive global capabilities, with experienced researchers on the ground in major markets and in many emerging markets around the world. They can find relevant sources and conduct interviews in the local language, providing clients with unique, differentiated perspectives.