To make crucial decisions you need Investigative Intelligence

Blue Heron Research Partners is a global leader in qualitative due diligence.  We’re an independent research firm that works on an exclusive basis with our clients and we’re proud of our reputation for integrity, ethical conduct, and professional excellence.  What makes Blue Heron different is that we apply the fundamentals of investigative journalism – detailed interviews and meticulous public records searches – to uncover the unvarnished truth about a company…from corner office to factory floor to reputation and prospects.

Our core philosophy is that the financial results reported by a company are the sum of a series of human decisions, so awareness of an organization’s executives and staff – how they think and act and the culture in which they work – is essential to understanding a company’s trajectory and financial prospects.

The way we work

How do we achieve this insight?  Our team of veteran researchers – former investigative journalists, licensed private detectives and investment analysts – dissect a company’s culture by combining feedback from knowledgeable sources and analyzing its character, management attitudes, and industry trends…hugely important steps that are often left unexamined.  So, rather than relying solely on access to the company, we merge in-depth interviews and robust database searches and summarize the results to help you gauge the stability and potential of a business…all while following strict compliance procedures and keeping you up-to-date.  In other words, we’ve got your back.