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Investment Intelligence is What we do

Since 2005, Blue Heron Research Partners has earned a reputation as a global leader in qualitative due diligence. We work on an exclusive basis with some of the world’s savviest financial firms, providing rare insight that informs their investment decisions.

Our core philosophy is centered around the idea that businesses are more than their numbers. Our research goes beyond the spreadsheets to examine how management, culture, and reputation represent the financial health of a business. We dissect our findings, identify predictive patterns, and use public records to deliver vital, yet often obscure information to our clients.

We combine thorough primary interviews and comprehensive database searches to address deficiencies in the standard investment research process. Qualitative financial due diligence is a painstaking process, but one we have refined through years of experience and thousands of projects on companies and corporate executives. Our findings provide our clients with powerful insights into their investments by examining management teams, companies, and industries, revealing far more than what can be gleaned from numbers.


How it Works

Our team brings an investigative approach to the diligence process with the experience to contextualize findings and derive insights beyond what conventional data can convey. Unlike expert networks, we always target sources with first-hand experience who can provide telling anecdotes and granular details. Our journalistic approach means our researchers earn sources’ trust, elicit candid conversations, and honest answers. Coupled with in-depth research into an exhaustive list of public records, we uncover patterns of behavior that can only be detected through our multi-faceted approach.

Our database and interview teams work simultaneously to augment findings and validate information. Our team reviews every call to ensure our clients are receiving first-hand information without inadvertently receiving MNPI. We have implemented strict compliance standards at every stage in our process, offering our clients a layer of added protection. We collaborate with our clients in real-time, delivering interviews as they happen. This allows us to fine-tune our approach and adjust to our clients’ ever-changing investment needs.


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