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International leaders in qualitative due diligence

Curiosity. Diligence. Discovery.

At the core of our qualitative due diligence is a curiosity to go beyond financial statements and corporate disclosures. Blue Heron was founded on the belief that curiosity drives intelligent investing. We harness the experience of former journalists and sector specialists to conduct deep-dive interviews on executives and businesses.


By gathering and analyzing non-financial data about a company or investment opportunity, you gain a more complete picture of its potential risks and opportunities.

Our interviews with well-placed sources provide you differentiated insights. We combine these calls with rigorous database and public records research to deliver a comprehensive, unbiased picture of your target.


Our primary research and public records teams exchange findings to validate information and add depth to our inquiries. All interviews are reviewed to ensure they meet rigorous compliance standards. We deliver interviews in real time, continuously adjusting our approach to meet your needs.

Actionable insights

Insights that Blue Heron can access through our ethically and responsibly sourced research include:

What are management's strengths and weaknesses?

Who are the target company’s customers? Who are the competitive threats?

Will a merger generate the synergies touted by management?

Why did the CFO depart so suddenly? Who is the likely successor?

What accounted for the company's rapid growth?

Employee turnover seems high. Are the right people or the wrong people leaving?



interviews conducted


We have delivered over 60,000 bespoke interviews to our clients, providing differentiated insights for more informed investment decisions.

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and 17 languages

Our multinational, multilingual team navigates complex regional landscapes while respecting cultural sensitivities to deliver indispensable global insights.

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funds under management

Our bespoke research informs the decisions of some of the world’s leading investment firms, who manage funds valued in excess of $1.3 trillion.

Contact us to discuss your due diligence requirements.

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