Blue Heron Research Partners Opens New London Office

NEW YORK– Blue Heron Research Partners has expanded its presence in Europe with the launch of a new office in the St. James district of London. The new headquarters will enable closer interaction with UK-based clients while accelerating business growth in Europe.

“The London office will provide us with a platform to further expand and develop our European business as the company grows.” said CEO David Rynecki. “We’ll be able to work more closely with clients and bring on new talent with expertise in European businesses to execute quickly on projects around the world.”

Blue Heron has long had a team of researchers working remotely across the continent, from the UK to France and Italy. The addition of a Florence office in 2016 demonstrated the benefits of having a footprint in Europe and drove growth in demand for Europe-based projects.

The London office opened in December 2018 and will continue to grow as Blue Heron builds out its UK team.