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The Business Intelligence Group recognized the National Association of REALTORS® on Thursday as a global leader in promoting sustainability with a prestigious 2019 Sustainability Award. The annual award recognizes organizations that have made sustainability an integral part of its business practices and mission.

NAR first implemented an associationwide sustainability program in 2017, but has long shown a commitment to the design. In 2004, NAR's second headquarters in Washington, D.C., was the first privately owned commercial building in the nation’s capital to be LEED Silver certified (later becoming Gold certified), while in 2018, NAR made Green MLS fields available to all MLSs. (Learn more: NAR's Sustainability Resource Guide)

“This award validates NAR’s efforts over recent years to reduce our association’s operational impact, establish strategic sustainability priorities, and encourage our members to do the same,” says John Smaby, NAR president. “We look forward to working to increase awareness about sustainability for REALTORS® and highlighting the business opportunities for agents who better understand home performance, valuation and sustainable development.”

In taking steps to engage its 1.3 million members, NAR has worked at the local, state, and national levels to initiate sustainability conversations and committees. NAR hosted the annual Sustainability Summits to promote initiatives across the industry, and has adopted a set of 15 Sustainability Strategic Priorities throughout the association.

“The role of sustainability is becoming more prevalent in most organizations, but these nominees have provided everyone with a leadership standard we can all model,” Maria Jimenez, Business Intelligence Group chief nominations officer, said announcing this year’s award winners. “We are so proud to reward and recognize all of our winners and finalists as they provide the leadership and vision needed to protect our environment.”

Annie Sourbis