investigative research

All our experienced researchers use their skills of critical inquiry and exemplary ethics to uncover honest answers and insights. From the corner office to the factory floor, our researchers know how to elicit candid conversations with sources who have first-hand knowledge. Our team of licensed private investigators and experienced database analysts dissect thousands of pages to uncover obscure findings that inform our investigative research process.

global capabilities

With offices in New York City and London, as well as a global network of remote employees, Blue Heron is uniquely positioned to deliver quality research on major and emerging markets. Our team speaks a combined 10 languages allowing us to source and conduct in-depth interviews in local languages, as well as understand local and cultural nuances that affect business decisions.


Protecting our clients’ interests is our top priority. Working one-on-one, we provide insight and solutions to important due diligence and compliance questions. Blue Heron maintains a rigorous compliance program designed to prevent the collection or transmission of Material Non-Public Information (MNPI). Strict adherence to these policies has provided Blue Heron with an enviable track record of delivering carefully vetted information that helps you identify the best outcome among numerous investment options.

Industry Expertise

Blue Heron works across all sectors and industries with particular strengths in TMT, healthcare, financials, energy, and industrials.