Investigative Research designed to give you 20/20 insight

Like other research firms, we use public resources such as lawsuits, corporate documents, news articles and regulatory filings to identify key human sources — from company executives to shop floor workers as well as customers, suppliers and competitors.  But unlike other research firms, we go well beyond this by employing our investigative journalism skills to conduct penetrating interviews that are designed to uncover obscure — but often vital — information to support you in making the right investment decisions.  Identifying and interviewing knowledgeable sources is a painstaking process but one that has proven extremely effective in revealing a company’s culture, reputation and its actual financial health…items that don’t appear in spread sheets.

Global Capabilities

With offices in the United States and Europe, Blue Heron has extensive resources –  experienced investigative journalists in both major and emerging markets who can identify sources and conduct these in-depth interviews in the local language.


Protecting your interests is our top priority.  Working one-on-one, we provide insight and solutions to important due diligence and compliance questions – Material Non-Public Information (MNPI), for example – while employing best practices at every step to avoid inside information and manage potential conflicts of interest.  Strict adherence to these policies has provided Blue Heron with an enviable track record of delivering carefully vetted information that helps you identify the best outcome amongst numerous investment options.