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Quality assurance

Blue Heron is committed to delivering the highest level of customer satisfaction, and our work is backed by a robust quality assurance program.

Rigorous quality assurance program 

Blue Heron’s work is backed by a robust quality assurance program designed with three objectives:

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Client satisfaction

We collaborate with clients in real time, fine-tuning our approach based on feedback as a project progresses, to ensure we deliver the highest level of client satisfaction. All our sources are carefully screened to ensure they have first-hand experience and direct perspective. 


Every deliverable undergoes multiple layers of quality and compliance review before it reaches a client.

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Internal standards

Our internal QA committee conducts regular quality control checks. All interviews must meet internal quality thresholds. 


The principles of continuous improvement underlie our quality assurance program, and employees participate in ongoing training.

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Compliance procedures 

Our internal review committee regularly samples work to ensure adherence to compliance and quality guidelines. 


Project teams are supported by Blue Heron’s Compliance and QA departments. Employees are trained to flag and escalate potential issues for review, following our internal escalation process.

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