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About us

Blue Heron Research Partners is an international leader in qualitative due diligence. By applying the fundamentals of investigative journalism, we uncover actionable investment insights about companies and their management teams.

The blue heron is quite literally a bird of due diligence and exemplifies our core belief in thorough, deliberate, deep-dive research.


Our founder David Rynecki chose the name while looking out over the salt marsh in what is known as the “Lowcountry” in South Carolina. He was inspired by the elegance and thoughtful diligence of the blue heron. In an environment busy with crabs, oysters, fish, birds, and mammals, he watched as the blue heron stood unwavering, taking in all the details of its surrounding environment while it identified its subject and took deliberate action.


Our Story

Our founder and CEO, David J. Rynecki explains how disappearing bananas gave him the idea for Blue Heron.

A great blue heron in flight


Meet Blue Heron’s management team and senior advisors.

A handshake in a business meeting


Integrity, ethical behavior, and professional excellence are the core principles guiding our research process.

Someone checking a box in a form

Quality Assurance

We are committed to delivering the highest level of customer satisfaction, and our work is backed by a robust quality assurance program.

A flock of birds flying in formation


Our team is made up of lifelong learners with an insatiable curiosity who hold integrity and teamwork in the highest regard.

A great blue heron


All the latest press releases from Blue Heron Research Partners.

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