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We are privileged to serve a distinguished array of clients seeking unparalleled insights and expertise to drive their investment research process. 

At Blue Heron Research Partners, we understand that each client has specific needs, and we tailor our services to deliver the information that matters most to them. Each engagement is unique, but our commitment to rigorous research, data integrity, and actionable insights remains unwavering.


Our clients span the globe

Financial institutions

Hedge funds, asset managers, and institutional investors rely on Blue Heron to provide in-depth intelligence that informs their investment strategies and portfolio decisions, allowing them to navigate complex markets, identify investment opportunities, and manage risk.

Private equity and venture capital

Investors turn to Blue Heron for comprehensive due diligence and extensive research on management teams, company culture, customer checks, and other business concerns, allowing them to make well-informed decisions when evaluating potential acquisitions, investments, or partnerships.

Corporate entities

Fortune 500 companies, startups, and medium-sized enterprises trust Blue Heron to help them vet senior-level hires and to deliver accurate, actionable information that supports their strategic planning, competitive analysis, and business development initiatives.

Law firms

Law firms leverage Blue Heron’s sector expertise and geographical reach to make critical contributions to their due diligence processes. They have also engaged us to assist on activist campaigns.

In our clients’ own words:

“I’d rate the quality of Blue Heron’s research a 10/10. The process was smooth and beneficial. I’d happily recommend Blue Heron to a friend or colleague.”
Associate, Private Equity Fund

“Your work has added some plot twists that are definitely interesting and worth having unearthed.”
Principal, Private Equity Fund 

“These calls are immensely helpful, and we know it’s been a tough project given the niche target with large customers dynamic.” 
VP, Hedge Fund

Contact us to discuss your due diligence requirements.

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