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Public records

Guided by human intelligence

While our Public Records team leverages the latest in AI and OSINT technologies in our research, we believe such tools should be guided by human intelligence rather than the other way around. Each project is managed by a licensed private investigator and handled by a seasoned professional averaging over 10 years of experience in the field.

Following leads, not scripts

We conduct thoughtful, comprehensive due diligence that involves research and review of large volumes of media, litigation, corporate records, regulatory records, and other public and open-source records. We then report the key findings to you in a bespoke written summary that you can easily read and understand. You can tailor the areas of interest and inquiry to suit your use case and have conversations directly with the researcher as needed. Updates on significant findings are delivered in real time, either in written summary or verbal briefings with the researchers themselves.

All reports include exhaustive searches of Watchlists and Sanctions to satisfy you or your lender’s compliance needs.

A statue of Justice

Civil litigation and criminal records

We provide comprehensive searches at all levels of court for potential litigation or criminal matters involving the subject, both in online sources and directly at the courthouse when needed, in all relevant jurisdictions. An international network of court researchers is leveraged where applicable. We use no arbitrary cutoffs; we go as far back as the records go. If it’s out there, we want to find it. Complex matters are analyzed and synthesized into brief, digestible summaries with supporting documents provided. 

Two people shaking hands in a job interview

Employment screening

Our expert research department and compliance department work hand in hand to ensure that increasingly complex federal FCRA and local employment laws and regulations are being followed in our research and reports. Strict compliance policies are in place to safeguard your hiring process.

A pile of financial papers and a calculator on a desk

Business activities, media, and social media 

We scour corporate records, regulatory records, social media, and all pertinent media outlets, from national publications to industry trades to local newspaper archives, to ensure that you get the target’s complete public footprint. Robust findings are synthesized and distilled into a clear picture of a subject’s career with areas of potential concern archived and highlighted.

Hands typing at a computer keyboard

Research catered to your target

No two Blue Heron public records reports follow the same path. Each investigation is catered to your use case and the individual target themselves. Reports can go in any number of directions from investigating industry-specific regulatory records to scouring foreign-language corporate, media, and legal records in jurisdictions around the globe to tracking known business associates or former ventures to tailoring an inquiry to your specific concerns or questions.

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