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Bespoke due diligence 

Stories matter. Whether the story is the popular perception of a CEO’s capabilities or a new product driving up share prices, markets are regularly shaped by the narratives we tell ourselves and others. 


Find the right story and you will gather critical information that can drive better investment decisions. Put your faith in the wrong story and you could build an investment thesis on shaky foundations. How do you know you are accessing high-quality insights? 


Blue Heron Research Partners is an independent investment research firm that offers investigative due diligence. We combine primary interviews and comprehensive public records searches to enhance the standard investment research process. With our journalistic background, we elicit insights that conventional data and analysis simply cannot convey. Our experienced researchers have candid conversations with well-placed sources, from the corner office to the factory floor, giving our clients firsthand perspectives you can’t always get from an expert network.

Insights that Blue Heron can access through our ethically and responsibly sourced research include:

  • Does the C-suite have the leadership, operational and financial skills to deliver long-term success?

  • Can stakeholders trust that the leadership team can execute a new strategy?

  • Does a newly appointed CEO present any red or yellow flags in terms of honesty or integrity that could make them a potential liability?

  • How “sticky” is a particular product? Would customers face major challenges if they switched to another vendor?

  • How can investors be sure that the companies they finance are keeping their ESG promises?

Our services

A sample due diligence report from Blue Heron Research Partners

Business due diligence

Interviewing customers, competitors, and key decision-makers to deliver differentiated views of marketplace position and competitive landscape.

Management due diligence

Evaluating leadership skill sets, strategies, and ethics by speaking to high-level sources with firsthand knowledge.

Portfolio monitoring

Due diligence is an ongoing practice. Blue Heron assists private equity owners and hedge funds by conducting maintenance research on portfolio companies. 

Pre-employment checks

Evaluating skill sets, core capabilities, ethics, and past successes and failures by speaking with previous colleagues and associates.

Public records due diligence

Deep and rapid reviewing of public documents, including legal and financial findings, by licensed private investigators. Read more >

Library of reports

Access to an archive of off-the-shelf reports on leaders and products that can quickly add context to an investment thesis. Read more >


Our exclusive conference reports ensure you keep up to date when you don’t have time to attend in person.

Other services

Analysis of industry trends, and more that can help support your research requirements.

Contact us to discuss your due diligence requirements.

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