Management Due Diligence
& pre-employment

We help our clients evaluate a target company's executive team to understand the direction of an organization. By combining meticulous public records searches and detailed interviews with unique sources, we uncover each individual's character, reputation, and effectiveness in contributing to the organization's strategic objectives. We find unique sources that can provide meaningful insight into our clients’ interest meaning we never use expert networks. Our public records department uncovers hundreds of pages of criminal and civil litigation, media, corporate, employment, education, property, news coverage, and other relevant records to create a detailed characterization and timeline of an executive’s history.

Business Due Diligence

Customers, companies, industry dynamics

We perform qualitative research to examine specific fundamental questions around a myriad of potential business issues such as customer or supplier relationships, culture, competitor growth, and positioning, marketplace perception, and industry reputation. Rather than relying solely on access to the company, we merge in-depth interviews and robust database searches to help our clients gauge the stability and potential of a business, all while following strict compliance procedures.