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Our due diligence team conduct research in a wide range of diverse sectors.

Focusing on our clients areas of interest

While Blue Heron emphasizes team expertise in all major economic sectors, our research staff is comprised largely of former journalists adept at pivoting and becoming fully abreast of whatever business niche or specialty area our clients may be interested in.

Recently, specialty projects have included entertainment, communication services, media, publishing, real estate, transportation, avionics, and logistics.

Recent areas of research


Cable TV, streaming, publishing

Real Estate

Commercial, realtors, construction, construction supplies


Aviation, logistics

Someone watching TV

Combating cable cutters

We conducted a business due diligence project on a media conglomerate looking to overcome the twin burdens of tanking cable TV subscriptions and the Covid-era falloff in attendance at movie theaters.

A car's steering wheeel

Self-driving hype

We surveyed experts in autonomous vehicle and driver-assist technology to examine how closely first-generation vehicles match the hype surrounding the technology.

A jet engine

Engine failure

We helped a client query customers of a major aerospace defense contractor and commercial aviation supplier about the lingering business impacts of a recent jet engine recall.

A table stacked with books at a book store

Print versus e-books

A client was interested in publishing industry trends and the extent to which sales of audio and e-books are offsetting declines in the sale of print editions.

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