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Richard Ten Wolde Promoted to Managing Director of Research at Blue Heron Research Partners

Jan 6, 2020

Blue Heron Research Partners is pleased to announce that Richard ten Wolde, previously Director of Project Managers, has been promoted to Managing Director of Research. He takes over for Eric Garland, who now is Senior Managing Director and Partner.

“Richard ten Wolde has shown a tremendous range of talent as a project manager and research director,” Garland said. “He understands what clients are asking about (in part due to his own work as a hedge fund portfolio manager) and how to convey that concisely and clearly to our teams. He has a complete understanding of the research process and a sharp eye for both the big picture and the nuances of our findings.”

Ten Wolde joined Blue Heron in early 2016 as a Senior Researcher. He came to Blue Heron after 10 years working as a hedge fund analyst, and prior to that, he was a financial journalist for The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post, among other national publications. Ten Wolde earned an MBA at Columbia Business School.

At Blue Heron, ten Wolde oversaw the project management team expand from eight to 16 by the end of 2019. Ten Wolde supported Blue Heron’s global presence as it moved from two project managers in Italy to four in London.

In his new role as Managing Director of Research, ten Wolde will oversee all of Blue Heron’s client-facing and internal research, including project managers, researchers, database specialists, associates, and editors. Ten Wolde will also expand Blue Heron’s comprehensive offerings to include enhanced project summaries and final reports. Richard’s expertise in data analysis and presentation will pinpoint the value of Blue Heron’s research to clients in a variety of industries.

“Our prime objective continues to be the delivery of industry and company insights our clients cannot get elsewhere,” ten Wolde said. “The market intelligence we gather helps our clients to construct investment theses which are differentiated from their rivals who aren’t as disciplined about performing due diligence. The exceptional research team we have in place will allow us to meet the growing needs of our clients. And given the team’s varied background, we continue to develop ways to deliver value-add service and products.”

Ten Wolde lives in New York City with his wife, son, and dog, Winter, who is frequently found roaming the office on Fridays.

Blue Heron congratulates ten Wolde as he continues to demonstrate the value of our research.

Richard Ten Wolde
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