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Blue Heron Research Partners Announces Partnership with Tegus

November 8, 2023


Blue Heron Research Partners is pleased to announce the launch of an on-demand subscription library of Management Checks, accessible through Tegus.


An ever-growing on-demand library of Management Checks by Blue Heron will be available through a Tegus subscription, giving you access to the highest quality diligence on hundreds of public and private companies. “While we will continue to provide bespoke interview-based and public records due diligence, this is an exciting development for Blue Heron and our clients. Management Checks by Blue Heron combines the strength and expertise of Blue Heron’s 20 years in pioneering management diligence and Tegus’ market leading platform and technology,” said David Rynecki, Founder and CEO of Blue Heron Research Partners.

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View the video announcement here.

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